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Trends in Event Management in 2018

January 19th, 2018

Gone are the days of manual planning and scrutinizing over every tiny detail. Event management technologies have evolved significantly in recent years, and they’re no longer the well-coveted secret of large and international enterprises. Access to these technologies has never been easier, for SMEs and multinationals alike. Undergoing constant development, companies like EventBank are introducing new and improved features aimed at accuracy and efficiency in event organization processes.

Event management is an ever-changing industry, and keeping on top of new trends and technologies needs to be a top priority. Event attendees, corporate or otherwise, have higher expectations of event planners than they did ten years ago. But meeting these expectations doesn’t have to be an arduous task with the use of innovative new technologies.

What are event attendees expecting in 2018?

  • The VIP Experience

Event attendees like to be made to feel that they are important, and that their interests and expectations matter to event planners. Event planning software, such as EventBank, have built-in features to give your attendees a personalized VIP experience from the moment the invitation is sent. Using the CRM function, you are able to filter people by their job title, previous event attendance, and even dietary preference, giving them the impression that you – as the host – know and care about their event experience. This feature also means that event planners have the capability to personalize the marketing of an event by segmenting their CRM into groups of similar interests or experience. This database of knowledge enables you to tailor your approach to individuals or groups in getting their registrations and ultimately, attendance.

Only with an event management software can you personalize an attendee’s experience, and their interaction with your company. 2018 is saying goodbye to the manual process, and hello to the fully-automated all-in-one event management cloud!

Once attendance is assured, it is equally as important that check-ins on the day run just as smoothly, and with as much precision as the event lead up. Checking in to an event should be even simpler than event registration, and all-in-one event management software makes this a reality. Unlike in the past, where attendees were queueing for twenty minutes, or in extreme cases, hours, outside the event venue, event management software has improved the efficiency check-in processes remarkably. In fact, event check-in should be so seamless a process that attendees do not even think about it besides providing their name. Queues do not belong at events in the twenty-first century, and event management software is ensuring this.

We’ve already established that event attendees are expecting personalization from event planners and check-ins so smooth they go unnoticed, but they’ll also be expecting mobile, pocket accessible networks and networking opportunities. With separate apps for event managers, attendees and members EventBank has transformed the way communities network and improved the engagement between organizations and attendees. Staying in the loop with business and event updates is an understandable expectation to have, and mobile apps are delivering on this.

event management technologies, networking at event using event mobile apps
Networking in your own time on an event mobile app could look like this.

What can event planners expect from event management technologies in 2018?

  • All-in-one

Event organizers will experience improvements to their marketing campaigns, approach to customer relationship management and real-time analytics. These interactions enable you to draw conclusions about what your attendees look for in an event, and how they respond to your marketing tactics – both invaluable to planning a successful event. Without event management technology, data and metrics relating to the success of, or engagement of an event are nearly inaccessible.

As mentioned previously, event management software enables the event planner access to comprehensive data and analysis about their members’ and attendees’ interaction with an event. Information such as how many events a member has attended, how many newsletters they are subscribed to, and how many of them they are opening is all available to you with the click of a button. These insights are absolutely vital in the landscape of modern event management, as they enable improvements and customizations to be made with an efficiency that wasn’t available ten years ago.

At EventBank we’re aware that that event planning is a complex process, which is why we’ve created an all-in-one platform which simplifies the event management task. You no longer need multiple applications, tabs or notebooks open at any one time because the EventBank platform logistically manages your event all from one easy-to-use platform.

  • Virtual Reality

While it’s still relatively new, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are attractions which event organizers should take advantage of, and incorporate them into their event agendas. Slowly encroaching into the territory of mainstream media, VR and AR technologies will be event essentials in the not too distant future. In fact, recently in December 2017, a Facebook event using the EventBank all-in-one event management cloud in Beijing employed the use of VR technologies – an exciting first for us! They are immersive technologies that are sure to guarantee attendee satisfaction and enjoyment. Word-of-mouth marketing will still be as valuable as ever, and linking your company with VR and AR technologies by incorporating them into your event will have social media abuzz with photos and discussions from your event.

VR and AR also has a conversational ‘ice-breaking’ potential in networking situations, which is sure to help your attendees maximize on their networking intentions in event attendance. Companies like Facebook, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and Google have all already invested in, and incorporated VR and AR technologies into their events and seen huge improvements in attendee engagement. VR is not only a ‘trend’ to watch and participate in, it’s an event asset here for the long haul – so be sure to get on board now!

event management technologies, VR technology at events
Maximise your event’s scope of engagement by utilizing Virtual Reality at your events.


There is currently an enormous industry demand for a fully-automated all-in-one event management software, and EventBank has answered the call with absolute precision. EventBank’s event management cloud is on-trend with what’s to come in event planning for 2018.

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