Marketing Predictions for 2020: Here’s What the Experts Say

Reinventing through digital transformation. Enhancing customer experience. Next-level personalization. Increasing data and privacy regulations. That’s just some of the marketing challenges we’ve encountered over the past year.

But to succeed in marketing, you always need to be forward-thinking. This means being always in-the-know of the next big thing, the latest advancements, and all the trends that are sure to be big over the next 12 months.

As we look to a new decade, what are the opportunities you need to seize? Here’s what the other marketers have to say will be the biggest marketing opportunity this 2020.

The Rise of AI

AI will play a big role in 2020 — from virtual customer assistants to AI driven marketing campaigns. Data will be the oil to AI, and marketers will find themselves challenging existing systems and technologies in search of refined, actionable data. KPI’s will evolve, and so will Marketers — it will be an exciting, challenging year!


Rachel David, Growth Marketing and Digital Platforms Head, PLDT Enterprise

Data-driven Advertising

It’s contextual and data-driven advertising towards pushing consumers online (e-commerce) or offline (brick & mortar stores) to consider/purchase goods– letting consumers choose. There’s no reason for brands to go blanket on their communication approach, especially with many avenues and available data for marketers to do relevant ads today. I’m sure brands will also continue to find ways to grow their own database, aligned with data privacy act.

Wence Wenceslao, Digital Hub Lead, Unilever Philippines

Sales Coach in the Form of Bot

In B2B marketing, personal interactions will continue to be important. Capturing, synthesizing, and drawing insights from these interactions are critical in order to make sound decisions. A Sales Coach in a form of an intelligent conversational agent have the potential to do this, the bot will serve as a sales coach to the seller, which will make it seamless for the sellers to deliver messages, collect data, and synthesize the data into meaningful insights. This will ensure that marketing has accurate and real-time views on the customer interactions and recommend next steps.

Abigail Jao, Digital Advisor – APAC Digital Advisory Services, Microsoft

Marketers Shall Rely Not Only on Data But Actionable Insights

As a professional in the Media Data industry, I foresee more and more marketers relying not only on data but also on Actionable Insights. Digital marketers will go beyond social media engagement statistics and look into more measures like customer affinity and company reputation to be more competitive. The trend of using social media for marketing will continue but marketers will be smart in measuring the performance, to craft better content and strategy and to ensure engagement of the digital public and customers.


Janine Cuenca-Dario, General Manager, Isentia

Transient Content Will Only Get More Popular

Transient content refers to something available only for a short while, like for example Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and the less popular but still used Facebook and Youtube Stories. With everyone’s attention spans getting shorter and shorter, the way we consume content is also changing. Since its introduction in 2016, the number of Daily Active Users on Instagram Story has quintupled, from its original 100 million to a current whopping 500 million. Why is it so popular? Transient content tends to feel a lot more authentic, with users sharing their thoughts and information on the fly. It’s easy to use and engaging, and helps us consume information so much faster than we were previously able to.

Evangeline Leong, CEO, Kobe Technologies

Messaging Apps as Customer Service

Brands will use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Instagram, to be more personal, authentic and build stronger connections with customers. Direct messaging will be used to streamline customer service and assist sales in 2020. These forums offer the convenience of text with the speediness of a phone conversation, as if the customer is talking to a friend.

Allen Anthony Catindig

Allen Catindig, Sr. Marketing Manager, SM Prime Holdings

Rise of All-in-One Event Mobile Apps

Mobile continues winning the attention of people worldwide and event planners know that a mobile app is a must-have to maximize engagement throughout the event cycle. But 2020 will mark the end of one-time use event apps that get uninstalled as soon as the event is over. Instead we will see “disposable” event apps disappearing as event organizers move to all-in-one event apps with a holistic approach that will provide attendees with more value – access to all events, newsletters, important news and more.

Eric L. Schmidt, CEO & Co-Founder, EventBank


So, what do you think of the predictions above? Do you see any marketing trends that will come true in 2020 that few people talk about?

Here are some key marketing trends that you should consider investing your time and resources in to succeed in 2020.

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Written by Danica Mendoza

Danica is EventBank’s APAC Event Manager. She is very passionate with the unique ways in-person events are helping brands and companies build positive relationships with people. She holds a Master's degree in marketing from De La Salle University in Manila.

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