EventBank Spotlight: She Loves Tech

Here at EventBank, we’re extremely proud of the array of successful and innovative organizations using our platform, and we think it’s important for us to bring to light the great work they do and celebrate some of the wonderful events our users organize with EventBank.

She Loves Tech is of these great organizations; a global initiative aimed to “start more conversations on women and technology”. Co-founded this year by Lean In China and Tech Rock, the events are “global startup competitions held in multiple locations across the world and an international conference held in China”.


She Loves Tech HK EventBank Blog

She Loves Tech Team in Singapore


We recently spoke with Rhea See, a member of the She Loves Tech team, on the initiative, why it’s important to encourage women to get involved with technology and how EventBank has helped with the organization and marketing of the events.

Q&A with She Loves Tech

Q: What made you start ‘She Loves Tech’ and what are your main goals for the project?

A: Traditionally associated with men, technology actually provides a lot of opportunities that can positively impact women’s lives in all parts of the value chain, and She Loves Tech aims to become a platform to encourage this. Starting off with a competition and conference this year, our goal is to take the SLT (She Loves Tech) spirit and expand to more countries next year, have more people involved as well as start more conversations on ‘Women and Technology’.

Q: Why did you want to make the event specifically female focused?

A: There is a real lack of diversity in technology, there’s a missed opportunity in female consumer led markets and it’s currently a male dominated industry.

Q: Why do you think it is important that more women get involved in technology?

A: We are seeing an increase of female consumers who are driving growth in multiple industries including technology; we believe we should encourage more women to join the tech industry and to build businesses not just because it’s ‘morally good’, but because diversity is smart business.

Technology creates opportunities for women, whether as entrepreneurs, business executives or consumers. Thus, we want to encourage women to use technology to solve global problems which the world faces and to create wealth, prosperity and social impact.

Q: ‘She Loves Tech’ is holding competitions/events in many locations in its first year, was there a reasoning behind going to these specific places? (Indonesia, Singapore, HK, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Israel, Pakistan)

A: These locations are all bustling tech hubs not to mention, strategic to China. In fact, although not on purpose, we quickly realized that all these locations are all part of the one belt one road axis.


She Loves Tech HK EventBank Blog

She Loves Tech Singapore Event

EventBank’s Impact

Q: How did EventBank help with the organization and marketing of this event?

A: EventBank’s front-end website matched the modern look and design of our event page, whilst also matching branding of our tech event.

In addition, the registration aspect of EventBank was helpful; different form customization options allowed us to have an organized yet straightforward registration process, which all our global team members could manage easily

Lastly, we found CRM and roles/permissions to be the most helpful aspect of EventBank other than the option for a front-end website.

Q: Did you consider any other cloud event management platforms and why did you end up choosing EventBank?

A: We eventually chose EventBank due to the platform’s global usability and different server options, and all the features of the platform as mentioned before.


She Loves Tech Hong Kong EventBank Blog

She Loves Tech Hong Kong Attendees

Get Involved with She Loves Tech

On August 2nd, the next She Loves Tech event will be held in Montreal, Canada. The events will conclude with the globals final and conference in Beijing on September 16th .

For more information about the organization, and to view a list of their upcoming events, visit their EventBank website here

We would like to give a special thanks to Rhea and team for providing photos and taking time out of their busy schedules to speak with us, and wish them luck with their exciting initiative.

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