interprefy partnership with EventBank

EventBank Partners with Interprefy in Strategic Win for Multi-lingual Event

EventBank has partnered with Interprefy, a remote interpreting service, platform, and mobile app provider as a solution to the technical needs for a multi-lingual event in Shanghai, the Human Resources Employee Benefits Asia 2019 conference. Through a mutual partner, Lighthouse Media, the  Human Resources Employee Benefits Asia 2019 Conference was set to host attendees from across Asia in an effort to bring better benefits strategies and ideas to the table for all industries and keep worked turnover low, something that’s a rising trend in Asia.

The conference would play host to different workshops, talks, and seminars that would require a lot of communication between attendees. This presented a challenge as this event ultimately invited a healthy portion of its attendees as single-language speakers who would need interpretation services to help them. This was one challenge among many other challenges that lay at Human Resources’s, and thusly Lighthouse Media’s, feet like check-in, registration, attendee management, promotion, and more. It was then introduced to the client that Interprefy would handle all of the interpretation challenges through its remote interpretation platform, and EventBank would handle all of the event management challenges through its software platform.

Interprefy provides remote interpreting for events and meetings. The Interprefy platform revolutionizes simultaneous interpreting by replacing old hardware with a cloud-based solution so that interpreters can deliver their services without needing to be onsite, while event participants can simply listen to the language of their choice through their smartphones. Because event and meeting organizers don’t need to fly in interpreters, pay for hotels and organize for interpreting equipment to be installed, they can enjoy the stress-free and cost-effective premium service offered by Interprefy.

interprefy works with eventbank at human resources online

Among this technological feat, EventBank was also chosen to lead the digital management and promotion of the event through its event management platform, wherein everything about the event’s attendee, ticketing, promotion, and more was handled by the EventBank platform. By its nature, EventBank is an all-in-one event software that combines all the necessary tools that make it easy to manage and experience the event for both event managers and attendees.  From start to finish, attendees can interact with and register for the event online, check in at the event floor, and engaged with sleek promotion tools that can create professional-looking content in just minutes.

By partnering together on the event, Lighthouse and Human Resources were able to flex their digital muscles and promote the event, interpret for attendees, and more, making this an absolute win for everyone involved.

If you would like to explore how EventBank can help your organization, contact us, and we’ll give you a tour of all our modules, automation, and other great features.

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Written by Robert Rafferty

Robert is an avid growth hacker seeking to bring scalable growth to event management software solutions. Dog person. Based in Hong Kong. Graduate in International Business from Florida Atlantic University.

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