EventBank on the Go: Trip to Myanmar

Our CEO, Eric L. Schmidt, spent his past week in Myanmar and we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the highlights of his interesting journey.

During his trip, Eric has presented winners of APAC 2017 Chamber Awards with their awards and he also took some time to meet with local Myanmar organizations and even visited some of the most famous tourist destinations.

Presenting the 2017 APAC Small Chamber Award

This past week, CEO of EventBank Eric L. Schmidt was in Myanmar to present CCI France Myanmar and Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce with the 2017 APAC Small Chamber Award at “Joint Networking Cocktail with A-MCC” event organized by CCI France Myanmar to celebrate their success in APAC 2017 Chamber Awards. These two chambers have had impressive achievements within the past year. It was a great pleasure that EventBank could be present at the event and hand in the awards in person. 

CCI France Myanmar, APAC 2017 Chamber Awards, Small Chamber Myanmar, Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce

Eric Schmidt with representatives of CCI France Myanmar and Australia – Myanmar Chamber of Commerce, winners of APAC 2017 Small Chamber of the Year category.

Meeting Local Representatives

CEO of Today's Publishing and Chairman of Oglivy Myanmar

Eric Schmidt with CEO of Today’s Publishing and Chairman of Ogilvy Myanmar, as well as the president of the Book Publishing Association

While in Myanmar, Eric spent some time with various local representatives from associations and chambers. As CEO of EventBank, Eric hopes to learn more about challenges local organizations are facing and how EventBank might help to overcome them.

Additionally, our CEO met with the American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar, the Myanmar Federation of Mining Associations, TODAY Publishing House, the US Embassy, and the Myanmar Forest Products and Timber Merchants Association.

Eric was thoroughly impressed by the quality of people that he met in Myanmar and by the work that they were doing. Through these meetings, Eric was able to more personally share how EventBank is transforming organzations’ operations.

First Chamber Client in Myanmar Adopting EventBank

Most recently, the British Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar became a new user of EventBank’s Association & Chamber Management Software. Our CEO has met with Chloe Taylor, Executive Director of the chamber, and they have discussed the details of the cooperation over the lunch.

Chloe Taylor from British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar with CEO of EventBank, chamber management cloud

Eric Schmidt in Myanmar, Yangon with Chloe Taylor – Executive Director of British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar, the first client of EventBank in Myanmar

CEO Eric Schmidt stated, “We are happy to have the opportunity to have the British Chamber of Commerce as our first client in Myanmar, providing them with our technology platform to transform their chamber. We hope to help even more organizations in Myanmar transform the way they engage with their communities in near future.”

A Warm Thank You

The EventBank team wants to give a warm thank you to all that met with our team. EventBank hopes to continue to help chambers of commerce and associations drive a stronger impact on their local community.

If you want to learn more about how EventBank can help your association or chamber become more efficient, read about our Chamber & Association Management Cloud.

P.S.: We are looking for partners and potential clients in Myanmar. If you want to become our partner or know someone that could benefit from our solutions, please get in touch.

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Written by Zoe Tang

Senior at Duke University with a passion for marketing, behavioral science, and all things digital. Skilled in digital marketing, communications, project management, and creative + analytical problem solving.

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