best event management software for China

The Best Event Management Software for Events in China

As the global economy continues to expand and China remains one of the world’s largest producers and consumers, more and more entrepreneurs, organizations, and associations are seeking to make China a priority in their future business strategies. Professionals, both Chinese and Western, don’t just want to do quick business in China; they want to be in it for the long haul. They see value in a people that are 1.4 billion strong with a strong homogeneous demographic – value that doesn’t exist in any other market.

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Why China?
Events in China VS Everywhere Else
Operating via Chinese Servers
Customer Success

In this competitive environment, professionals know that in order to be successful they need to CONNECT with the people. Entrepreneurs, organizations, and associations host events for that exact reason. Networking is a NECESSITY in the professional world, especially in China where relationships are the key to future opportunities. However, managing successful events in China can be difficult for Western and Chinese companies alike.

Event and association management software providers hold the key to making your event managing experience successful, but with so many providers to choose from, how do you pick the best one to help you run successful events in China? Which event management software for events in China is the most equipped to serve both Western and Chinese clientele? Which provider will help you take advantage of your business opportunities in the Chinese market?

EventBank’s all-in-one solutions are the leader in helping Western and Chinese companies manage successful events and memberships. Our platform is optimal for navigating the complicated yet lucrative Chinese market.

Why should you choose EventBank when doing business in China?

In what ways is the EventBank platform the best option for managing events in China when compared to other Western and Chinese alternatives? Good question.

Company Structure

In a business world that seems to be split between the Western and Eastern schools of practice, EventBank operates as a perfect hybrid of both – a strong bridge connecting both worlds. Founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs, a Chinese and an American, EventBank understands the nuances of the Chinese market. In fact we have two offices in China, in the largest Chinese cities Beijing and Shanghai. Our diverse management proves to be a benefit to us as we are cognizant of how our clients, whether Chinese or Western, would prefer to do business. We seek to make the client’s experience the best it can possibly be!

EventBank’s Partners in China

We have partnered with a multitude of outstanding corporates, community organizations, and investors. With the help of our partners, we have access to a greater network of resources in China to support our clients. Our clients don’t have to start from ground zero when entering the Chinese market; we have the network to propel them into a bright future! The Chinese market is, therefore, much more navigable for all of our clients as a result of our company structure. Most competitors of EventBank do not have the benefit of operating under a hybrid model with so many Chinese and Western partners. Clients of these companies tend to find that adapting to the Chinese market proves to be inconvenient, expensive, and time-consuming.

event management software for events in China, PICO as a partner of EventBank
EventBank team members discussing future collaboration opportunities with PICO, one of our partners in China, at EventBank’s Beijing office. 

Managing Events in China Vs. Everywhere Else

From a broad standpoint, running and managing events with the help of software should be the same everywhere around the world.

We say it should, but that just isn’t the case.

China is a one of a kind market, not just for events, but for really any industry. Smartphones run the country, and these days in China you’d be hard pressed to find any local walking around with wallet, keys, and a phone. For the most part of big city life in China, all you need is a smart phone.

In China, your phone unlocks your door, starts your car, charges your metro ride, unlocks bicycles, holds all your tickets, and this is just scratching the surface. So naturally this translates to events quite well.

Chinese events hardly ever have physical sign in sheets at the front gates of the event. Everything is done on the phone, and most notably, there’s rarely a need for adoption of third party apps, as most events will run some sort of registration process on WeChat, the app that took China by storm, and is responsible for a majority of all digital actions that happen daily for each person.

Digital ticketing and registration in the US for instance, never really caught on, as western and other foreign market consumers rarely add more apps to their phone. Converting a consumer to download your event app is a hard thing to sell due to insecurities, annoyances and fear of bloating their phone with too many apps with access to their system.

In China however, leveraging WeChat is the best way to achieve true digital conversion of the masses at large. Furthermore, a typical chinese national has little notions about digital security and privacy concerns like their counterparts abroad, and therefore more likely to download apps left and right to ease their offline-to-online interactions in their daily lives.

This is why EventBank leverages it’s EventBank mobile apps, so help register, ticket and keep informed attendees for your events. Everything is easy to use, and fits comfortable with both international payment schemes, and Chinese payment tools like TenPay, Alipay, and WeChat.

Operating off of the Chinese server (.cn)

As an international event & association management software provider, EventBank operates its platform on three different servers: .com, .ru, and .cn. Having access to the Chinese server means that we can run our business on Chinese internet channels; we don’t have to resort to operating on another international server while trying to invest in the Chinese market. There are many benefits that come from this such as:

Faster Service

In the tech industry, speed is money.

The quicker and more effectively a tech company can deliver a product to their customer, the more business the company can conduct. The Chinese server decreases the time it takes for us to get our customers onto their new websites, event pages, and membership management systems. If we were to operate on non-Chinese servers in China like some other Western providers do, it would take your attendees much longer to register for the event and receive all the communication.

Localized Payment Options for Events in China

If you have been to China, you would know that payment options in China are SO different than those in the Western world. Cash and credit cards are obsolete; mobile payment options are necessities. The convenience of having unlimited access to all of your financial resources on your phone and never having to carry a physical wallet is very attractive to the vast majority of Chinese citizens. In a recent report, 74% said they would be okay with carrying less than 100 RMB (15 USD) in their wallets for more than a month. With statistics like this, it is clear that EventBank needed to offer a platform that is capable of integrating with popular mobile payment options.

Our platform accepts WeChat Pay, AliPay, and UnionPay – three most popular payment methods in China. In doing so, we have allowed our customers to pay for our services however they prefer. Within the WeChat integration, specifically, EventBank has also installed a WeChat login feature. Clients no longer have to have a separate password and email in order to access our platform. They can do it by simply logging onto one of the most popular apps in the world. In working with popular Western alternatives to EventBank, it is almost impossible to use mobile payment options when doing business, especially the Chinese payment platforms. Western companies don’t see a demand for these sorts of integration in their main markets and, because they don’t have a connection with the Chinese market, don’t think to offer it when promoting their products internationally.

Book a demo and start accepting Chinese payments today.

In a market dominated by mobile payment platforms, TenPay (owner of WeChat) and AliPay hold the most market share. TenPay continues to experience unprecedented growth causing us to advance our integration capabilities.

Is access to the Chinese server really necessary to do business in China?

Like all other countries in the world, China has its own regulations governing society, including rules governing cyber-activity. EVERY company that wants to do business in China via the internet needs to be officially verified by the Chinese government. In verifying a company website, you are ensuring your company’s ability to do secure, consistent business with your clients in China, with no fear of being shut down. At EventBank, we believe this is a security all clients should be entitled to!

Further, while it is advantageous to operate on the Chinese server when doing business in China, it is also ILLEGAL not to! Popular Western alternatives are in direct violation of Chinese cybersecurity laws when they operate on foreign servers (.com) in China. These companies run the risk of being blocked, which would be unfortunate for not only the company but also the company’s clients. Why don’t all companies just get verified? Another good question. In order to be verified, the company must have some sort of dedicated space in China, which could prove to be an expensive expansionary strategy. Therefore, most popular Western alternatives choose not to make the venture into China but choose to operate outside of Chinese cybersecurity laws.

What is China Cyber Security Law?
China’s Cyber Security Law is the Chinese government’s attempt to regulate the internet within its borders. The law (commenced on June 1, 2017) requires companies doing business in China (such as organizing events) to store their (China-related) data on Chinese-law regulated local servers.

EventBank, as an officially verified and registered entity, is equipped to provide a quality, secure service in China that is unmatched by any other popular Western alternative attempting to do business from outside of China.

Adaptable Customer Success Team

There are many reasons to choose EventBank as your management software provider in China but one of our company’s strongest assets is our incredible staff, specifically our Customer Success Team. Customer Succes Team is made up of many individuals of varying nationalities, skilled in speaking many global languages including Chinese. When doing business in China, it is extremely helpful to have someone to answer questions if you ever were to run into any problems – someone who is familiar with both your preferred language and that of the land. This is where our Customer Success colleagues come in handy. You don’t have to wait for someone across the world to answer a generic email. We have people ready to answer your questions, no matter the difficulty when you need it.

On-site Support at Events in China

event management software for events in China, WHO event in China, EventBank software
EventBank team members utilizing the mobile check-in features while assisting with registration at a WHO event in Beijing.

Have you ever thought “if somebody were working with me to help solve this problem or run this event in China, it would be much easier?” We’ve thought that too. As a company with a strong presence in China, we have the opportunity to assist our customer with their events in China. We are known for going to our clients and demonstrating our product when they are experiencing issues.

Our clients frequently ask us to assist them in managing their events and, as a result, we have had the opportunity to make many memories, in many places. Our Western competitors not based in China do not have the opportunity to serve their clients in these ways. Clients of these companies often have to wait at least a day to have their questions answered, proving to be a waste of valuable time that many professionals can’t afford. EventBank has valued its client’s time for the past 5 years and will continue to value its clients’ time for as long as we are in business.

Invoicing in China aka Fapiao Management

EventBank has developed the entirety of its product based on the needs of its clients. As we continue to do a large amount of work in China, we will continue to do so to help our Chinese clients manage their business. Our fapiao feature allows Chinese companies to collect information needed for fapiao generation, as required by Chinese tax law. This feature is very convenient. Instead of having to collect all of their customer’s data manually, our clients can just download the data inputs from our system and generate invoices automatically.

Popular Western alternatives to EventBank do not have this service as they are not familiar with Chinese lifestyle let alone Chinese tax regulations. This feature, though not a necessity, is very convenient when companies need to file their annual taxes.

event management software for events in China
Our platform offers multiple fapiao options for organizers to enable. Access fapiao settings when making any transactions!

Expanding our clients’ clientele

While EventBank serves many Chinese companies, we offer a very international product. Present in 25+ countries, we have proven that our product is not only useful in one region of the world but also useful in the entire world. Our product has many product features like language options for event pages, payment options for varying user preferences, and tax options for purchases made in countries all around the world. These features are great because they expand our clients’ reach from local to global! Our clients, with the help of our product, have the means to take their product to the next level. They can do business where they want to do business, in China and around the world.

EventBank: Propelling Others into a Better Tomorrow

It’s 2018. Businesses are seeking for new opportunities for growth, and China has positioned itself as a global financial powerhouse. Evolving with the market, EventBank serves international chambers of commerce, association, corporates, startups,  and non-profits around China. EventBank understands the Chinese environment and local traditions. We aim to provide a product that is not only a solution for today but also a vehicle to propel companies into a better tomorrow.

Here is why you should use EventBank’s event management software for events in China:

  • Chinese/American Management Team
  • Lightning-fast platform service
  • Localized Payment Options (WeChat, AliPay, and UnionPay)
  • Chinese cybersecurity law compliance
  • WeChat Integration
  • Fapiao (Invoice) Features
  • Adaptable Customer Success Team
  • On-site Support options
  • Multiple language options for event page display
  • Rich inventory of event equipment

EventBank is an award-winning, innovative solution to for chambers, associations, and event professionals around the world. See EventBank’s multiple awards & accolades below:

  • Great User Experience Award & Rising Star 2018 – FinancesOnline
  • TOP 20 Cloud Innovation Award – Alibaba Cloud 2017
  • The Computing Conference 2017 – TOP 20 Cloud Innovators of 2017
  • 2017 Washington Innovations Awards – Tech Innovator of the Year
  • MICE Asia Pacific Exhibition 2017- Event Management Solution of the Year
  • China Internet Summit – The Most Rapidly Developing SaaS Enterprise 2016
  • IT Juzi 2016 – Top 30 SaaS Company with the Most Investment Value in China
  • LiJun – 2016 The Best Business Solution Provider in China
  • iTech2016 – Annual Product Award
  • China Software Network – 2016 Innovation Award for SaaS Product

Are you looking for a solution that could help with your events in China? Learn about our event management software or start a conversation through our live chat (green bubble) in the right corner of this page.

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