CMO Breakfast: Everything You Need to Know about KOL Marketing (recap)

The rise of the internet has brought a new phenomenon: self-made superstars with millions of followers and a strong voice that can make or break even some of the biggest brands. But how new this phenomenon really is and is it here to stay? For now, online influencers aka Key Opinion Leaders (KOL, 网红 wǎnghóng in Chinese) successfully continue attracting marketing budgets and making waves on social media and live streaming apps.

To help marketers understand influence marketing – one of the biggest marketing trends nowadays, we have joined forces with the American Chamber of Commerce in China and hosted a CMO Breakfast event ‘Everything You Need to Know about KOL Marketing‘ on June 20 at the Kerry Hotel in Beijing.

Speaker Elijah Whaley, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at PARKLU and Cofounder of the #1 Chinese beauty influencer brand Melilim Fu, has introduced a big variety of more and more diversified social media platforms and explained their benefits for different demographics and brands. Elijah has also shared some of his favorite success cases and challenges he has encountered working with the biggest KOL stars on China social media. Towards the end of the presentation, Elijah has also shown the audience how the future of influence marketing might look like in the coming years and how to invest in content that will drive results.










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Written by Oliver Lompart

Sr. Marketing & Operations Manager at EventBank

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