CMO Breakfast: Making Brands Matter in the Digital Transformation Era with Sheilen Rathod

A decade into the Digital Transformation movement, many businesses are still grappling with it. Digital Transformation held the promise of new relevance, and for the brands bold enough to pursue it, growth was the reward. A decade later, the promise of Digital Transformation has been realized for some businesses. But more often than not, disruptors have outmaneuvered incumbents.

For many of the world’s best brands and businesses, this creates an existential threat: either transform for the digital world, or become irrelevant.

In this session of CMO Breakfast, Mr. Sheilen Rathod, President of Customer Engagement, Commerce & Martech for Ogilvy China has shared some of his favorite success cases and some of the challenges that these companies have encountered during the digital transformation journey.

CMO Breakfast Series - Ogilvy and Shilen Rathod

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